Vincent Mairiniac

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vincent mairiniac

Vincent Mairiniac

5 year(s) in business
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About Vincent Mairiniac

I am passionate and my only focus is to know how to accommodate your tastes and your desires; As a good wine would with a good dish, I pair my services to complement your meals, cocktails, and brunch.

My specialty ? Making you happy !

My many travels and many experiences have given my cuisine flavors from here and elsewhere and I would love to share these inspirations with you.

I acquired my know-how in many restaurants in Verbier where I climbed the ranks, at La Marmotte then at Dany’s with Claude Alain Besse, but also at the Fer à Cheval, at the red star and at the Vanessa hotel.

I also manage the Retrouvailles kitchen (located in the CERM in Martigny) where you can taste my cuisine during the Valais fair.

I also offer personalized cooking lessons for one or two people, after which you can taste the recipes made with friends over a full dinner.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information !

Frequently asked questions

What kind of food is your speciality?

Capable of doing anything you like.

How do you typically charge?

Per person and per menu items.

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