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About Verbier Summits

Paragliding in the hearts of the Alps

An English speaking paragliding school in Switzerland offering the easiest and fastest way to get certified. We specialize in beginner and advanced paragliding courses as well as fly-guide holidays and packages with accommodation.

We offer BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) courses as well as FSVL courses, (Swiss Paragliding Federation)


Experience the thrilling sensation of soaring like a bird with a parapente flight over Verbier. You don’t require any experience or level of fitness to paraglide or ‘parapont’ with us…. just sit back and enjoy the ride!

With our pilots who have been in the flying industry for over 25 years, you could not be in more experienced hands. We are waiting to share our passion with you.


Learning to paraglide is fun and easy with our taster days and BHPA Elementary Pilot, Club Pilot paragliding  courses.

Learn to paraglide in Verbier and take advantage of our excellent weather conditions and high mountains for maximum airtime!

Frequently asked questions

How much do tandem flights cost?

160 CHF

What certification do your pros have?

We are an FSVL and OFAC approved and accredited paragliding school: Being based in Switzerland necessitates that we are governed by the Swiss Civil Aviation Authorities which means that as a paragliding school we are regulated with the strictest and highest standards of teaching in the World. This also enables us to offer British BHPA courses and qualifications which are recognised worldwide as well as FSVL courses for Swiss residents who are required to have a Swiss license to fly in Switzerland.

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