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About Happy Chef

Want your dinner special and different? For a group of friends or family, Happy Chef can be your private chef. 

We also deliver healthy home-made meals to your door, so you can enjoy dinner time without the hassle of cooking. We want our service to be a seamless and convenient service for our customers. Your delicious dinner will be deliver to your door in between 6pm to 7pm. Bon apétit !

I’m a Costa Rican woman, married, with 2 kids. I have a real passion for cooking: everyday I enjoy preparing lunches and dinners for my family. But spending hours in the kitchen isn’t for everyone and sometimes we lose the pleasure of cooking because we have so many things to do. Especially in Verbier and when on holiday!

Happy Chef is my way of sharing with you the food I prepare for my family, so you can find the joy in a good meal again.

Besides being a mum and wife, I’m a private chef. I speak Spanish, French, English and Italian. My recipes are a mix of Latin, Italian and Asian food. Without a fail, my recipes are heart-warming and healthy.

Try your first Happy Chef meal at home now.

Bon appétit!

Johana aka the Happy Chef

Frequently asked questions

When is the latest I can order for same day delivery?

The order need to be placed latest at 11am to have it the same day.

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